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FLUX 2011 includes over 34 public art projects — projections, dance, theatre, music, multimedia, sound and light installations, parades, puppetry, and iron pours. The evening starts at 8 pm with a lantern parade, the projects continue until the evening ends with iron fireworks at midnight.

See project locations on FLUX 2011 Project Map.

Tristan Al-Haddad: Hypo-style
Kim Anno: Men and Women in Water Cities
Mark Basehore and James McConnell: Street Preachin'
Bland Hack Pictures: Mortal Kombeat
Matthew Burge: Duets á la Turk
Circle Studios: Under the Bridge
The Collective Project: The Hunt
Monica Cook: Volley
Eric Corriel: Water Will Be Here
D'AIR Aerial Dance Theatre: Humanology
Jeff Demetriou and Fake Love: Homesick
Dodekapus: The Fool
Craig Drennen: 1-Hour Awful
Nancy Floyd: Weathering Time: 29 Years
The Flying Circus: Serious Moonlight: A Cosmic Myth
Jane Garver: Voicebox
gloATL: Livers
gray_matter(s): Zoo Atlanta
Brian Holcombe: Sun Chimes
Lonnie Holley: Lonnie Holley in Snake Nation
Steve Jarvis and Allen Peterson: Hive Consciousness
Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons: Lantern Art Parade
Katy Malone and Claire Paul: Resonance
Meghan McKendree: Follow the Lights
The Medeology Collective: 'Cadavre Exquis': Remix
Osborn Brown: Refleuxion
Seanna Reilly: Threshold
Allison Rentz: Mommy & Ping Pong
Amy Rush: Hotel Tableau
Deanna Sirlin: The Days of Awe
Micah & Whitney Stansell: The Water and The Blood
Patrick Toups and Dan Timms: Dashuhua
Gregor Turk: Interstate 50: Billboard Projection
Zoetic Dance Ensemble: Occupied
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