Our Supporters

Flux Projects would like to thank those who support our efforts to expand opportunities for artists and enrich daily life in Atlanta. These individuals, companies, and organizations are helping us to broaden the audience for the arts and to bring greater awareness to the richness and diversity of our city’s creative culture.


Flux Projects is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency - the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. 

Essential support also comes from our devoted group of donors:

Big Flux
Robert Brawner
Louis Corrigan
Tim & Lauren Schrager
Mark Sofge
Lee Walker

Nick Corsello
Marni & Julian Mohr, Jr.
Pamola Powell & Guy Lascault
Moulder Inc.

Flux Patriots
Susan & Ron Antinori
John Bluhm & John Gibson
Kristen Cahill
Elizabeth Clubb & Alan Keiter
Elisa & Adam Coker
Nick Corsello
Anne Archer Dennington
Catherine & Steven Fox
Kristin & Nabil Hammam
Hooff Family Charitable Fund
Bobbo Jetmundsen Foundation
Birgit & David McQueen
Proper Medium
Brett Oliver
Meredith & Josh Pechter, In honor of Julian Mohr, Jr.
Amy Phuong
Jay & Arthur Richardson
Jenai Taylor & Alan Robbins
Eric Schneider
Dawn & Tim Severt
Mary Stanley Studio
Kathryn Stockett

Chris Appleton
Art and Culture, LLC
Susan Bridges
Andrea Barnwell Brownlee & Ed Brownlee
Meredith Wertheim Blechman Fund
Briana Camelo
Susan Cofer
Brian Darnell
Charlotte Dixon
Brooke Edmond
Jason Ewing
Flashpoint Artists Initiative
The Warren M. Gump Fund
Lori Hall
Thomas Harbin, In honor of Julian Mohr, Jr.
Jenbek Foundation
Mitra Jerald & Rafael Gonzalez
Karen Comer Lowe
Amy Miller
Christina Miller
Tim O'Donnell
Alexandra Sachs
Russell B. & Cam Still
Roy Sockwell
Ciji Tatum
Allyson & Chad Watkins
Marcia Wood

Flux Friends
Carol Abdelhalim
Thomas Asmuth
Jamie Badoud
Charles Bam
Blake Beckham
Alexia Beer
Taylor & Carl Belshause
Saskia Benjamin
Robin Bernat
Andrea Beus
Steve Brooks
Carrie Burns
Nick Carse
George Chen
Hope Cohn
Eric Corriel
Laurie Cronin
Alphonzo Cross
Kathleen Dargis
Terri Dilling
Stephanie Dowda
Jason Eden
Andrea Falls
Jan Fields
Nancy Floyd
Jill Gandossi
Beth Gibbs
Jeff Graham
Tim Habeger & Shelby Hofer
Jason Hammer
Courtney Hammond
Max Hirsh
Gyun Hur
John Howard
Jan Ireijo
Virginia Jackson
Erica Jamison
Leslie & Rob Joseph
Aku Kadogo
Paul Kayhart
Jill Kramer
Judy & Scott Lampert
Beth Malone
Ann-Marie Manker
Eve & Harvey Mannes
Brian McGuire
Constance S. Collier Mercado
Laura Moody & Will Ray
John Morse & Ross Pedersen
Michael David Murphy
Michael Neiswander
Elizabeth & George Noe
Dorothy O'Connor
Fran Pefko
Sandra Parker
John Perdue
Ed Price
Charles Quinn
Donna Ray
Seana Reilly
Maria Rein
Amy & Ivan Reyes
Malina Jo Rodriguez
Rocio Rodriguez
Ivey Doyal Rucket
Rebecca Safon
Kate & Jay Sandhaus
Jeanne Savelle
Sue Schroeder
Anderson Scott
Douglas Scott
Louise Shaw
Brandon Sheats
Molly Shepherd
Doug Shipman
Wilma Southern
Deb & Rob Stone
Hazel Studstill
Sharon & Clark Tate
Grayson Thagard
Lisa Thrower
Victoria Tinsley
Gregor Turk & Murphy Townsend
Anne Tracht
Lisa Tuttle
Shayne Walsey
Alex Walsh & Anna Nilsson
Mary Walsh
Christina & Keith Washington
Jeni Woodbridge
Jennifer E. Yankopolus

Additional Contributors & In-Kind Sponsors
Flux Projects has been fortunate to receive the support of a variety of businesses and individuals who have loaned locations for projects, donated services to these projects and artists, and given of their talents to ensure our success. A complete list of these can be viewed by project.