by George Long

a sequential wheat paste mural + video installation
with projections Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings

November 19 - December 16, 2017

710 Ponce de Leon Avenue adjacent to 8Arm restaurant

Closing Weekend Events
Thurs, Dec 14, 8pm - Meeting the Artist
Fri, Dec 15, 8:30pm - Performance by Danny Bailey

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Long’s work explores longing and the physical activities that people undertake during periods of transition, loss, and searching. With Sorts, he creates a mental landscape that is a collection of collections, mental debris, emotional sortings, piles of compartmentalizations. Into this setting he imposes figurative phrases as metaphors for the psychological chores we perform. As a dynamic and constantly changing piece, the projections and drawn elements will evolve daily over the course of a month.

Technical direction: Project Awesome
Photography: Kevin Brown
Video: Justin Newton