Groove On, Geek Out!

Last week, you got your groove on with Jeryl Bright from Cameo. This week, let your geek out with GA Tech and University of Surrey sound designers - Jason Freeman, Anna Xambó and Gerard Roma.

Freeman, Xambó and Roma have created "Granular Sampler,” a new audio software especially for Jennifer Wen Ma’s Flux Night public art project, Bending the Arc. 

"Granular Sampler" is designed to listen to the voices of the Flux Night attendees; that’s right - we hear you! The Tech Trio's new software analyzes your voice (when you speak into a microphone), then sends what it learns to the graphics software to be animated in real-time. 

The software also records what it hears, and at the end of the evening "Granular Sampler" will recombine all of your voices to compose a musical accompaniment for the Flux Night finale, performed live at midnight by Jeryl Bright, RDK, and the GA Tech Chamber Choir. 

And, so artists (all over the globe) can continue to use these algorithms in their own creative works, the Tech Trio have decided to release “Granular Sampler" under an open source license.

Get your geek on! 

But wait, there's more - when we hit the 50% mark in our Bending the Arc Indiegogo campaign Freeman, Xambó & Roma will give an webinar (FREE) to all of you who want to learn how to do your own mashup with "Granular Sampler."  

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More info on the Granular Sampler sound designers:
Jason Freeman (GA Tech)
Anna Xambó (GA Tech)
Gerard Roma (University of Surrey)