Thank you Fulton County!

Flux Projects thanks Fulton County Arts & Culture and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for their continued support of Flux Projects and our peer organizations throughout Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia in 2015.

For more than 30 years, Fulton County Arts & Culture has vigorously pursued quality arts programming through support and development of artists, arts organizations, arts institutions and cultural programming for residents throughout Fulton County.  Flux Projects has been a proud recipient of this funding since 2012, and these funds have supported our individual projects and our annual Flux Night.

For more information on Fulton County Arts & Culture, the organizations they support, their public art program, and their art center, please visit

Red pepper pods | Add wings | And they are dragonflies —Matsuo Bashô

Pedro Reyes Adds Art and a Rifle Becomes a Guitar

DISARM by Pedro Reyes is a collection of nine musical instruments created from dismantled shotguns, machine guns and pistols. Weapons once used to take lives are now used to make music. Played by musicians from Mexico City to London Town, they strum, hum, rap, ring and swing. Their song is a requiem to lives lost and an anthem for a world without weapons. Their next gig is in Atlanta at Flux Night 2015: Dream.

Further information:
Pedro Reyes website
Disarm video
The Reverse Engineering of Warfare by Jessica Berlanga Taylor

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jennifer Wen Ma's, Bending the Arc, is public art at its best: a site-specific concept, dreamed into by a world-class contemporary artist, inspired by the words of one of history's most important leaders, a creative collaboration, the ultimate realization of which, happens only with the participation of the audience, live, on-site, and in the moment!

Ma conceived the artistic concept, Jason Freeman, Anna Xambó & Gerard Roma designed the audio software, "Granular Sampler," to make the voice component possible, Guillermo Acevedo programmed the graphics software to animate the artwork, and Jeryl Bright composed a new song, "Bending the Arc," for the project's finale (at midnight on November 7th).  All of these things, together with the participation of the Flux Night audience, will work to bend Ma's projected flat-line into an arc, lift the arc into the sky, and send it off into the stars (towards justice)...

Atlanta (and beyond), show us you have a pulse, help us breath life into the flat-line: 

Flux Night 2015: Dream curated by Nato Thompson
Saturday November 7th from 7pm until Midnight
Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta GA

Groove On, Geek Out!

Last week, you got your groove on with Jeryl Bright from Cameo. This week, let your geek out with sound designers - Jason Freeman, Anna Xambó and Gerard Roma.

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"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos.” —the I Ching

From Far East to Deep South. 
From the I Ching to Dr Martin Luther King. 
From Water Cube to Department Store.

Jennifer Wen Ma's work is international, her inspiration global and her next stop is Edgewood Avenue, in Atlanta’s Historic Old Fourth Ward.

Nature & Man in Rhapsody of Light (pictured here) by Jennifer Wen Ma is an installation at the Beijing Olympic Aquatics Center (aka the Water Cube). A collaboration between Ma and lighting designer, Zheng Jianwei, that uses a computer program to translate the words of the I Ching and the collective mood of the Chinese people via the emoticons they use on social media, to create a real-time light display in the bubbles of the building’s exterior.

Ma’s latest project, Bending the Arc, again uses the exterior of a building - this time the Department Store (aka Erosol), and is inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. It will be created with the real-time voices of the Flux Night audience - here in Atlanta on November 7th. That's right - you help make it happen. Don't miss out!  FLUX NIGHT 2015: DREAM

More about Jennifer Wen Ma:
Photographs (c) Julia Lynn Photography